What is Adoption?

Adoption is the act which an adult can formally and legally become the guardian of a child and by then, acquires the rights and the responsibilities of being a parent to that child. in the end of a legal processing, a legal relationship between the child and the guardian will already be made. This is also when the guardian can also opt to change the last name of the child into the guardian’s last name. For a more detailed legal process in your specific area, you can visit this website for more information.

There are two types of adoption. One is the open adoption which is when the birth mother can choose who will be adopting her child. The other type is the closed adoption which is where the mother surrenders her rights to choose the adopting parents and lets the state or any presiding body conduct the selection of guardians. There are places where they don’t allow both types and you can check the list of the places if you click here.

Adoptions can be done through an institution that caters to looking out and caring for children who have been left by their parents or have been given up on. An adoption can also be done through direct contact with the biological parents. This usually happens to families who can’t provide for the needs of their child or children and they want to keep their them close within the family. What they do is they either contact an extensive family or a distant cousin and asks them to look after their child.

Most marriages who often have problems in creating a child chooses an adoption just for them to start building a family. This also gives the adopted child a chance to grow up in an environment of family.