How to Achieve a Friendly Divorce by Uncoupling

Divorces, by their very purpose, are unpleasant events in any couple’s relationship as they signify the end of that relationship.

Despite this ending, not all divorces have to be bitter and overly emotional.

Family divorce lawyers find that many spouses can split amicably and even remain friends, even if their marriage has not worked out as planned.

Family divorce attorneys frequently recommend a more friendly approach to divorce such as “uncoupling” for these couples.

What Is Conscious Uncoupling?

Conscious uncoupling is a newer idea that is gaining more traction lately among couples who no longer wish to be married, but also feel no animosity toward each other.

Family divorce lawyers see it as a suitable option for spouses willing and able to work together through all the legal steps of the divorce without the anger and pain that frequently comes with it.

It is a process built on communication and understanding with a final goal of healing as spouses recognize each other’s grievances and then come to terms with them so they can each move on in life. 

Creating Closure – Not Winning or Losing

While conscious uncoupling outwardly may seem very similar to divorce through mediation or even collaborative divorce, it focuses more on being willing to create closure in a relationship for the benefit of everyone involved, including any children in the family.

Family divorce attorneys find that couples able to go through this uncoupling process successfully achieve not only a more friendly divorce but the ability to pick up their lives and continue on with no hard feelings.

Decisions are made based on what is best for each party and through compromise and yes even love and respect, uncoupling turns the average divorce into a more positive and satisfying end to the marriage. 

A Divorce Doesn't Have to Be an Ugly Unhappy Experience

Divorces are never happy; however, experienced family divorce lawyers who have dealt with all kinds can attest that they don’t have to be negative, angry, or highly emotional events either.

Some couples, with the right guidance from a caring family divorce attorney, can end their marriage on more friendly terms by agreeing to end it that way.

With a willingness to work together one last time to help each other leave the relationship on better terms, some couples can leave their marriage with satisfaction and closure, knowing that they did the right thing in the right way. 

Seek The Help of a Family Divorce Attorney

Spouses in the mindset that divorce is best for them but also hoping to avoid the stress and negativity that can happen in many divorces can look into the idea of conscious uncoupling and whether it might work for them.

A family divorce lawyer experienced in alternative divorce methods like uncoupling and collaborative divorce can help!