High Asset Divorces in Texas – Why Mediation is a Good Choice!

When Texas divorce lawyers counsel spouses in high-asset divorces, many will suggest mediation if spouses are amicable and it is an option.

Though high-asset divorces frequently do go to court when spouses cannot compromise or when there is disagreement or high emotions preventing fair negotiations, divorce mediation attorneys find that mediation can be more beneficial in certain ways.

Before assuming that every divorce case where there is great wealth being dispersed between spouses is contentious, divorce attorneys suggest that spouses consider the benefits of at least trying to negotiate through mediation before automatically heading to court.

  1. Mediation Is More Private - One of the most important factors divorce mediation lawyers recommend that couples with considerable assets consider is how mediation keeps their negotiations, as well as the entirety of the divorce itself, private. Divorces that end up in court become a part of the public record, where anyone can research details that most might want to keep undisclosed such as wealth, family details, and personal details.
  2. Spouses Retain Control Over Their Assets In Mediation - Couples who can commit to compromising during their high-asset divorce remove the risk of having their wealth assigned by the judge. While this non-partial outside party’s decisions might be essential when spouses simply cannot come to an agreement, it frequently also leaves spouses unhappy with the distribution of the marital wealth. Divorce lawyers find that mediation promotes a more favorable result where spouses make their own decisions about who gets what, which is still preferable even when forced to compromise
  3. Mediation Protects The Co-Parenting Relationship - Spouses who choose to work with divorce mediation attorneys and an experienced mediator can collectively agree on a co-parenting plan that works for them rather than being subject to one that the judge demands.
  4. Mediation Is Faster - Since it removes the need for a formal divorce hearing or trial, divorce attorneys find that couples who commit to making mediation work can get through it much faster than if they go to court.
  5. Mediation Costs Less - Because it can be accomplished much faster, there is no need to spend hours preparing a court case and there is no court hearing, mediation also costs much less than a traditional divorce court hearing.

While there is much at stake in any high asset Texas divorce, going to court to let the judge decide does not always work out as favorably as spouses would like it to.

Divorce mediation lawyers suggest that spouses who want to remain in greater control of the outcome of their divorce agree to at least try mediation for both their benefits.

Couples who can start out with a goal to compromise so mediation is successful will usually come out ahead in the end.